Know What Is A UPS Device And Its Benefits

Uninterruptible Power Supply is shortened to UPS (Unrestricted Power Source) which is a hardware device that stores electrical power and provides electricity supply when the main's voltage (PLN) goes out or the power goes out suddenly, Inside the UPS itself there is a component of a battery that makes it as the main power source, this battery will be charged automatically when electricity flows through the UPS.

How long the UPS can last depends on the battery capacity and electricity load that is stored / backed up by the UPS, for the UPS itself using a Battery or battery as a medium for electricity storage. UPS batteries may become increasingly worn out, and reduce the capacity of their backup power storage capacity over time.

Usually the UPS is placed between the main power and the device that wants to back up its resources, an example of the arrangement is as follows: Power Source >> Stabilizer (Optional) >> UPS >> Computer.

This hardware device has a fairly important task as a backup power with a short backup time, like a generator which is the main source of backup electricity if the main power goes out, but the UPS only lasts a few minutes, a very short time to use storing the data that have not been stored or turns off. Device normally so as not to damage other hardware components.

Benefits of UPS

Some of the benefits if you use a UPS, among them are:

  1. By using a UPS you can prevent damage caused by sudden power outages.
  2. UPS can prevent the loss of important data on your computer and prevent the server from being disconnected when the power suddenly goes out, of course this really helps your job.
  3. The fact is that UPS is widely used in several tall buildings that use elevators, its function is to back up the lift so, it doesn't stop when the lights go out.
  4. UPS can also be a temporary backup if you use a generator, if you use a generator without using a UPS, the electricity will go out even though it is only for a few seconds, but if you use a UPS, the electricity will be automatically backed up by The UPS after which it can be switched to the generator as a source. Alternative electricity.

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